Paul A. Sayer
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Below is some information about me, my ethos and a breakdown of the name 'emicapture'. 





photo by Noi Beitz Wengrovski


My name is Paul. I had a video camera put in my hand by a family friend when I was 8, started making personal films at 14 and had my first commission at 17.  I attended media college at Clydebank (just outside of Glasgow in Scotland) when I was 19 and graduated into Edinburgh Napier University the following year, where I studied practical film making for three years - graduating with a BA in Film.


Blender Lane, Melbourne CBD


 In October 2016 I moved to Melbourne and began assisting  photographers and shooting more regularly. I currently live just outside the city-centre with three other people, two bunnies and a cat. This website is a place where I can display work I have completed up until this point, connect with other artists, collaborate and create fresh and exciting visual experiences and memories. I am currently inspired by Zack Arias, William Klein, Zeno Watson, Alan Schaller, Tony Pierrakos, Craig Reilly and Andre D. Wagner.

- Paul A. Sayer


Uluru, Northern Territory



Every single human you look at today is another life being lived. They will have a set of challenges to overcome and a collection of memories they will hold onto forever. They will have a list of people from their history who have inspired them and beside that, a list of people they hope to never meet again. Every second these people are alive, the world is shaping them into whoever and whatever they are, just as it is for you.

It is not my quest to discover your history, it is my pleasure to visually document what you look like now, what you practice now and who you are now – so that you may one day look back and think.

Photographs are modern-day time machines. They allow us to return to moments in our lives, to think about that moment and the people within it and compare what we know from what we knew. Though a photograph can indeed offer a new perception of self, with an opportunity for self-analysis and learning which could otherwise be missed, I believe that, most importantly, an image has the power to change how we feel.

Allow me be the brain behind that image.

what is emicapture?

Emicapture is a collaboration between two words: emic + capture.

EMIC: In anthropology, emic is the brother word of ‘emic and etic’ - two ways we can research humans. On the one hand there is ‘etic’ - aka the ‘outside in’ method. This involves looking at a subject (person, community or culture) from an outsider’s perspective. Conclusions are drawn from what can be observed from a distance.

On the other hand, ‘emic’ - aka the ‘inside out’ method – is a way of learning about a community or culture from the perspective of someone within it. Emic is about physically and emotionally immersing oneself within a community first, in order to then establish a more empathetic and personal connection with your subject.


CAPTURE: When visual artists speak of ‘capturing’ their subject – whether it be a mood, or a pose, or an environment – they are talking about capturing that moment in time, forever. This allows anyone to look back upon that moment and reflect.

Emicapture is a way of thinking about photographing. It is about attempting to leave your own mind temporarily and feel the world from the perspective of your subject - and then capturing that image. 

- Paul


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